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Once your booking has been agreed, whether on the telephone or by letter, a legally binding contract has been made with the host.

If you cancel a reservation, fail to take up the accommodation, or leave prematurely (regardless of the reasons), the host may be entitled to compensation.

If a deposit has been paid it is likely to be forfeited and if the accommodation cannot be re-let for all or part of the booked period, an additional payment may be due. Please check with individual owners regarding their cancellation policy when making your booking.

You are advised to take out cancellation insurance when booking your holiday.


The information on this website has been prepared and presented from information given by the property owners – however LEAP cannot be held liable for any errors, or omissions. Please note that property availability charts are kept up to date by individual owners, not by the website administrator.

LEAP is not an agent and does not vouch for those persons, companies and other organisations whose goods or services may be displayed or referred to in this site nor for the availability, suitability or prices of such goods and services.

Properties have not been quality assessed by LEAP but some properties have been assessed by either VisitBritain or the AA and this will be clearly stated on individual entries.


The activity on this site is not used to assess or record any identified individuals activity.

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Dog Friendly Beaches

Land's End Area:

Pedn Vounder, Nanjizel, Gwenver, Portheras Cove, Priests Cove, Boat Cove 

Penzance/Mousehole Area:

Eastern Green, Wherrytown, Long Rock, Roskilly, Salt Ponds

St Ives/Hayle Area:

Hor Point, Clodgy Point, Bamaluz Beach, Lambeth Walk, Porthkidney Sands, Riviere, Mexico, Upton to Peter's Point, Peter's Point

PDF iconDownload PDF map of dog friendly beaches

Dog Ban Dates on other beaches

Easter through to September 30th from 0800 to 1900


Small Visitor Attraction of the Year - 3 winners on our doorstep

In the recent Cornwall Tourism Awards Porthcurno Telegraph Museum scooped gold, Geevor Tin Mine silver and Penlee House Gallery and Museum bronze. All three are within a ten mile radius of the properties listed on this website.